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Kaileigh Gonzales is a 15-year-old girl from The Woodlands, TX. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, after school activities/clubs, volleyball, and working as an Attendant at the local movie theater. On 12/29/21, Kaileigh was diagnosed with high grade malignant sarcoma. She is currently undergoing treatment at MD Anderson where she will complete 6 rounds of chemotherapy and possibly radiation...

De’Layna is a 14 y/o twin. She has a twin sister who she has a typical sister-sister relationship. De’Layna is a really active girl who loves sports. She participates in basketball, Track where her favorite events are Shot Put & Discuss Throw. She’s also very active in band for the past 4 years where she plays the tenor saxophone...

During the summer of 2020, Charlie began experiencing back pain that my husband Bill and I felt was unusual for a seven year old. We took him to our pediatrician, and he believed Charlie had just pulled a muscle and recommended that we try icing his back for the next couple of weeks. The pain continued to get worse, literally bringing Charlie to tears at night so we took him back to the pediatrician...

Maelynn was 7 years old when she was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer, Alverolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. It is an aggressive muscle cell cancer that starts in the muscle cells that attach to bones. Her diagnosis of stage 1, intermediate risk presented a tough 43 weeks of chemotherapy and 28 proton radiation treatments. She underwent 4 different biopsies and surgeries for genetic testing...

Collins Ryann Ortamann was recently diagnosed with Pineoblastome, a rare and aggressive brain cancer. Her chemotherapy starts in late February and will continue for at least six months. Collins has already undergone numerous surgeries and procedures, including major brain surgery that was completely successful in removing her tumor...

Who we are


Mid-Coast Smackdown was started in 2018 by two friends who love to fish and wanted to find a way to help children. They knew a young girl who was battling Leukemia and raising funds for St. Baldrick's Foundation to help fund research. What a better way to support a young girl's battle than bringing friends together to fish and raise money along the way. Who can say no to a weekend of fishing when it benefits a worthy cause?

How it started


The first fishing tournament was held in May 2018. From our humble beginnings of a tournament with 8 teams, we have come a long way. Our tournament in 2019 had 34 teams entered, along with a live and silent auction, and raffles.

In 2019, we expanded our efforts and had the fishing tournament, bracelet sales, and participated in other organization's fundraising efforts by donating raffle items, auction items, food, and man power.

How it's going


2020 proved to be a difficult year for everyone. We were able to pull the finishing stages of the fishing tournament together when we were finally given the green light 2 weeks before the event. We ended up with 51 registered teams, and had an amazing event. We grossed over $100,000, and had tournament payouts totaling $29,000. We were able to successfully meet our commitment to the 2019 Mid-Coast Kid, Jordan Cutshaver. Our success also allowed us to donate to St. Baldricks, St. Judes, and additional families and organizations in need. It was a good turnout for sure.

Important Dates

Mid-Coast participates in and supports many different fundraising opportunities throughout the year.

May 13-14, 2022

5th Annual Fishing Tournament


May 12-13, 2023

6th Annual Fishing Tournament


May 31-June 1, 2024

7th Annual Fishing Tournament


May 30-31, 2025

8th Annual Fishing Tournament


Past Events

  • 4th Annual Fishing Tournament
  • Fishing for Whit 2020
  • Pleasanton Young Farmers Raffle
  • Big October Fishing Trip
  • Fishing Tournament 2020
  • Pleasanton Young Farmers Rodeo
  • Crushing Clays for Rylee Noble
  • Tri-County CCA Banquet
  • Fishing for Whit 2019
  • Fishing Tournament 2019
  • Bracelet Sales for Aisley Putz
  • Fishing Tournament 2018
Find us

11 Ravens Perch Dr
Bryan, TX 77808

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